[ANN] Dash Diamond (DASHD) [PoS/MN] Masternode Platform + Marketplace


Dash Diamond is a fork of the dash and PIVX blockchain, the most widely used and most secure encryption, when it comes to betting and masternode proofs. Dash Diamond, which has lower transaction fees than any credit card, better exchange rates than any state-backed currency, and faster transaction approvals than other digital payments, is the internet’s local currency.





A decentralized masternode platform.

Diamond Nodes will offer affordable masternode hosting, not everyone in today’s world can rent vps and write linux commands to launch a masternode. We’ll take care of the technical aspect of this and you’ll get passive income from your favorite masternode projects.

A decentralized multi-vendor Sunday Place

Diamond Bazaar offers retailers the opportunity to sell their goods and services online for digital currencies. We have signed agreements with the gift card supplier and mobile top-up provider. These services will be available for purchase when the Diamond market opens!

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